Posted on Feb 26, 2019

RLE Computers

We’ve all heard the horror stories: complete hard drive failure resulting in years of lost documents, vital personal and small business information loss, even priceless family photos gone and unrecoverable.

Usually by the time your computer shows signs of problems, often disguised as running slow or making strange ticking sounds or more obvious problems like not loading Windows or certain programs, the damage is already being done and data recovery, if you can achieve it, then becomes the single most important next step. How that looks, and how much it can cost, varies. We recently had a client, whose hard drive hadn’t been backed up, and almost lost everything critical to completing current projects; a move that could have crippled his ability to operate his business. His data was recoverable however the complexity of the job resulted in three weeks of downtime and a bill in excess of $3000. But, it’s important to know that there is however an easier and far more cost effective way to approach data management.

Of the more than 150 data recovery requests that RLE Computers get per year, about 70% are lucky in that their data can be recovered. The other 30% aren’t so lucky and are left to pick up the pieces in order to carry on their professional and/or personal lives.

It’s not hard to imagine how disastrous losing data that’s critical to your business or personal life could be. Or how heartbreaking it’d be to lose precious photographs and memories. Call RLE Computers to di
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